How to embarrass your little Sister…

I’ve always had a huge passion for filming from a very young age. Whether it was filming family, friends or my own real life experiences. My earliest memories of filming are using my Dad’s JVC Camcorder and recently I have stumbled across all my Dad’s old footage, a lot of it shot in the 90’s on High 8 Video Cassettes.

WATCH MY SISTER PRESENTING THE BBC NEWS (Family Christmas and My first ever Parachute jump)

I’ve now had these cassettes transferred to a digi format (using Stanley Productions, London) and in doing so have un-earthed some amazing Family Video footage. Editing onĀ iMovie I’ve had a lot of fun putting this video of my younger sister (Ella) together. I hope she’s not too embarrassed. I love her with all my heart and watching this video back has been a real trip down memory.

I would like to dedicate this video to my Dziadek (Ryszard Kandulski) and my Great Aunty (Bridget Absalom), who both appear in the video but are sadly no longer with us. Great to see them both again.

So what’s my point here?

Well, I strongly recommend that if you have any old video footage lying about the house that you do something with it sooner rather than later. It can be quite pricey to transfer it all to a digital format, but it is so worth it. I strongly believe it’s important to save and archive this sort of thing for future generations to see.

Memories caught on camera last forever and these days using the power of the internet you can share those memories with your nearest and dearest all over the world, so why not dig out your old footage today?